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Save Storage Space In Portrait Mode On iPhone 7 Plus

As a proud owner of the iPhone 7 Plus you are part of the group, that benefits of an extra feature in the Camera app – the portrait mode. iOS saves (similar to HDR images) two portrait files, when you press the release button: one with and one without depth effect. Hence, if you are using the portrait mode a lot, it will produce tons of data files, which will strain your storage space. Because of this issue there is an option in the settings to save some storage space.


First of all you need an iPhone 7 Plus and iOS 10.1 or later in order to use the portrait mode at all.

Portrait mode – Discard the normal photo

Open the Settings on your iPhone 7 Plus. Scroll down and click Photos & Camera in this list.

Then you have to scroll down pretty far until you see the section Portrait Mode. There you can deactivate the option Keep Normal Photo, so that it only saves the portrait image in future. Hence, it will discard the photo without the depth effect. Green means activated, and white means deactivated.

This also has the risk that you might lose an important moment, because the depth effect is not displaying properly. On the other hand you can save storage space and you do not have to browse through your photos so often to find the duplicate images.

You should better weigh it out for yourself, if you want to take the risk and save storage space, or if you want to keep both photos and do the extra work.