Dual SIM iPhone (Adapter)

sim cardsEspecially if you’re used to an Android handset, you might be missing a Dual SIM feature on your iPhone. Jobs that involve frequent international travel place high demands on your cell contract. Those work situations are best solved by using two separate plans, one for each region. Some jobs require you to be available on multiple phone numbers, whereas some users simply want the best of both worlds: A maximum data plan and a second plan that has low rates with regards to placing calls.

Constantly swapping the SIM card on your iPhone can cause scratches on the casing if you’re not careful. Sooner or later, you might end up with some wear on the plastic of your SIM cards or issues with the electrical contacts on the SIM cards. There is another solution that may trump the manual swapping of cards: Dual SIM adapters. These specialized gadgets allow you to connect two to three SIM cards to a single iPhone by effectively extending the port via a cable.

Plug-in Dual SIM Adapters for iPhone

One brand we tend to recommend for the iPhone 6 is 2-phones-in-1, they offer a Dual-SIM adapter for the iPhone 6 that requires no software installation. You will have to use a special case, since SIM card adapters for the iPhone work by extending the connectors of the SIM slot using a protruding cable. Many solutions are shipped with a case that fits both your phone and the adapter.

This might not be the most aesthetically pleasing route you can take, but it is definitely one that prevents wear on your hardware. Most of the common Dual SIM adapters do not require a jailbreak.


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