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App Store Trick – How To Free Up Space Without Deleting Files

You probably already know the iTunes trick, that frees up space automatically, when you want to load a large movie file in iTunes. This trick has the little risk that you actually buy the movie, even though you don’t want to. Hence, you would accidentally spend money. This time we want to explain a similar trick in the App Store, which has no risk of unintentional purchases. The goal of the trick is to free up storage space on your iPhone without deleting files.

Available storage space BEFORE

Settings > General > About

It makes sense to know how much storage space is available before you do the trick, in order to find out how much space the trick has freed up. So let’s take a look at the Settings first. Go to General and then About. The Capacity shows how much space you have got in total. Available tells you how much free storage space is still left – this figure is what you should keep in mind.

Load a too big app

Once you know the remaining space, open the App Store. Now you only have to choose any app, which is too big for the available storage space. Hence, if you have 1.16 GB left (like on the screenshot), you want to choose something bigger.

To make sure nothing goes wrong: Choose a free app.

There are many many big game apps, for example the racing game Asphalt 8 with 1.72 GB.

Try to download this app by clicking Get.

Surprise, surprise – you don‘t have enough space, but it doesn’t matter, because we want to see exactly this notification.

Now, iOS will automatically start to free up space by deleting the cache data, tranferring original photos into the iCloud library and deleting them from the iPhone, etc.

Available storage space AFTER

Settings > General > About

Now go back to the Settings and open General > About. The figure at Available should be much higher than before.

Therefore, with this trick you can free up space on your iPhone without deleting files!

How To Free Up Space Via iTunes Trick

With a similar trick you can free up storage space on your iPhone as well. This trick makes use of iTunes though, but also works without deleting files. The difference is that you rent a movie instead of downloading an app. Read more…

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