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How to Crash Someone’s iPhone With One Text (iOS 10 to iOS 10.2.1)

Within the past years there have been so many options to crash an iPhone. At this point we want to show you a new trick, which allows you to crash an iPhone with a simple contact file!


This trick only works, when the receiver device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) has installed one operating system from iOS 10.0 to 10.2.1. Devices, which are running with iOS 9 or earlier, are not affected by this trick, so they would not crash.

It doesn’t matter, which iOS version you (the sender) are using on your own iPhone.

Crash iPhone with contact file

With this trick you can crash an iPhone by sending a contact file that contains emoji’s. The receiver of the message loses the control over his/her iPhone completely: The display freezes, the Home and Sleep/Wake Buttons don’t work anymore and a forced restart is impossible as well. This annoying situation lasts for around 30 seconds. Then the iPhone starts working perfectly again.

Before you send this file to all of your friends, because you want to play a prank, we want to give you a little note: Your friends most likely will play a prank on you in return, maybe even the same. Reckon that they want to crash your iPhone with the same “weapon”. So use this trick carefully! ;)

Download iCloud Drive

The first step is to get the iCloud Drive app, if you don’t have it on your iPhone yet.

To do so, open the App Store, tap the search icon at the bottom and enter iCloud Drive. Install the app.

Download the contact file

Open Safari on your iPhone and enter the following link, or click the link below that iOS opens it for you:

Tap the linked contact file in the Update section at the bottom (have a look at the screenshot below) and confirm the warning notice.

Click More… and then choose iCloud Drive in the sharing menu. In the next step you have to choose iCloud Drive again or any folder in the iCloud Drive (if available). By clicking the storage location, the download of the contact file starts and will be saved in iCloud Drive.

Send contact file

Switch over to the iCloud Drive app and navigate to the recently downloaded contact file with the suffix “.vcf“.

Press and hold down the contact file (no 3D Touch!), click Share… in the options menu, and then Message. A white window will be displayed. Don’t exit it! Just have patience. It will take a few seconds that you can carry on. Once it is done loading, you will be in the Message app and the file appears as emoji’s in the input box.

Now the only thing, you need to do is entering the contact, from who you want to crash the iPhone. Tap the sending arrow to send the contact file message.

That’s it! As soon as your contact receives the message (no opening needed), the iPhone will crash! Pretty mean trick, eh?