How To Find The Perfect iPhone Case

Find the perfect iPhone caseThere are a dime a dozen iPhone cases out there. Many people cannot decide which case is the best for them. Is a classy plastic bumper enough or do you need a more solid outdoor case? We have collected some questions that you should answer to yourself before purchasing an iPhone case. We also show you, which cases work best for these questions.

Before you decide for a case, you should know, in which situations you have to protect your iPhone. Do you need to protect it daily against unforeseen falls or do you just need a scratch protection? Are you often outdoors and need a waterproof and dustproof case? Do you want to keep the look of your iPhone or do you want to change it? How often do you want to change your iPhone case? Are you looking for something long-term or just something temporary? What material do you like? And you should also ask yourself, how much the iPhone protection is worth to you.

Flexible bumper for all situations

You can never be wrong with bumpers made of flexible synthetics or in leather look. The iPhone cases are available in hundreds of different designs, so that there is definitely a fitting case for everyone. The bumpers protect your precious iPhone against scratches and deformation, as well as against damages because of an accidental fall. The flexible case is easy to fit and it feels good in the hand. If you purchase an iPhone case, you should pay attention at the form. It should have a raised edge, so that it reaches over the edge to the screen. This can spare you some display repairs.

Black iPhone case made of leather from back and front view

iPhone 7 case made of artificial leather

iPhone 7 synthetic bumper case at

For people, who think synthetics are too boring, can try more extraordinary materials. There are materials available like the bulletproof Aramid. It initially has been used for aerospace and military. According to the producer, the iPhone case is resistant against solvents, hardly flammable and infusible.

Black iPhone 7 case made of Aramid

iPhone 7 Plus case by Pitaka

Full-body case for outdoor fans

The outdoor fans, who use their iPhone rather outside than inside, should invest in a full-body case. The case is made for especially challenging conditions outside. Therefore, these are perfect for skiing holidays, hiking trips or for dusty work places. The iPhone cases are mostly made with a dual layer protection and cover all phone connections to block dust and dirt from coming in. The used synthetic material fits tight on the iPhone without having any issues with the ease of use.

Black iPhone case for outdoors displayed in water

Outdoor case for the iPhone

Waterproof iPhone cases

Even if the iPhone can stand temporary water dives in the meanwhile, you should protect your iPhone with a waterproof plastic cover. IPX8 certified cases offer reliable protection against water up to 100ft deep, as well as snow and dust. The ultrathin screen on both sides enables you to take underwater photos and videos. There is nothing in the way for the next adventure trip, if you use this waterproof case. Before you use your freshly purchased iPhone case though, make sure it is really waterproof. Put a tissue inside and hold it under water to test it.

Waterproof iPhone case for underwater

Waterproof iPhone case for the iPhone 7

Stickers avoid scratches

If you want to give your iPhone a new style, you can use stickers. You can stick the exactly fitting foils on the front and back of your iPhone. They protect the iPhone against scratches, finger prints and cracks. However, they are not protecting your iPhone against damages because of falls. If you just want to style your iPhone temporary, it’s a good choice to use stickers. They are not an all-round protection like the bumper case though.

iPhone Sticker in carbon style

iPhone Sticker in carbon style

iPhone display protection sheets

Smartphone cases protect the back and the edges, but not the display itself. If you want to be prepared for any situation, you should decide for a high-quality display protection. It will protect your iPhone against scratches and falls. Dirt and finger prints are removed very easily as well.

iPhone display protection sheet

iPhone display protection sheet