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Turn off iMessage Previews for More Privacy

Notifications can betray your privacy, especially in a work environment. Your iPhone is laying on a table and suddenly lights up with an intimate iMessage or text from your significant other. Do you want your boss to see it? Probably not. Here’s a guide on how to turn off iMessage previews for increased privacy, but still be notified about incoming messages. This way nobody will see the content of your contact’s texts. Apart from you, of course.

This iPhone trick is also a handy defense against bugs that aim to make your iMessage or Messages app crash. These kinds of exploits have been circulated several times and are easily avoided by turning off iMessage previews for notification banners. This is how iMessage looks with no content preview, it will solely display the name of your contact:

How to turn off iMessage previews for more privacy

Settings > Notifications > Messages > Show Previews

Open up your “Settings” app and head over to the section titled “Notifications”, then select the “Messages” app to customize your notification settings. Right at the bottom of the options screen you’ll find a toggle labeled “Show Previews”. Disable it to increase your iMessage privacy.

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