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The Most Annoying WhatsApp Types

WhatsApp is the most popular than ever before. Whatever we send – messages, images or links, we cannot imagine a life without this messenger. Even if everyone uses the same app, everybody is using it differently. Some people like to send GIFs, others like to send voice messages and many people communicate through Emojis. Everyone knows these annoying WhatsApp types and maybe you even find yourself in these:

The GIF fan

Why would you waste your time in texting, if there is a matching GIF to every emotion? Since you can directly use GIFs in chats, you are seeing them very often. You can explicitly search the clips through the search tool, so that they match the topic. There are even a lot of animated GIFs about current topics in the WhatsApp messenger. If the GIF fan cannot find anything there, he/she will create endless-clips from self-filmed videos.

The Emoji addict

For every life situation there is a matching icon in the long list of Emojis. Pretty much everyone uses funny smileys to cheer up chats. The Emoji addict however carries it way too far and sends messages that completely consist of Emojis, but nothing else. To encrypt these isn’t just annoying, it also takes time.

The nervous texter

The hectic WhatsApp texter type can make it completely without Emojis. These people are consciously making it short and send many messages in a row. Instead of taking time to write one complete message, they spam their friends with many messages every second. To show the importance of their messages, they may type in capitals and end every message with many exclamation marks.

The novel writer

The opposite of the hectic, nervous texter is the novel writer. This person loves to decorate messages with many (also unimportant) details. Hence, the answer to the question “How are you?” can be a never-ending story. However, you should handle his/her feelings with sensitivity, because the person can feel offended easily. If you are not reacting to his/her literary work in an appropriate way, you don’t appreciate his/her novel enough.

The voice message fanatic

Probably everyone has this type of WhatsApp user in the contact list: The voice message fanatic even wraps short questions and answers in a senseless voice message and annoys everybody with this. This person isn’t just extra talkative, but also lazy. Instead of typing, this person reacts only with voice messages – even just a short “okay” or “thanks”.

The group founder

Is the next birthday party soon? Then there surely is a new WhatsApp group for this already. Every little event is a good excuse to create a new group, which is no pleasure for anybody, but the group founder. The person wants, that the group members get to know each other better and share their memories afterwards. It can’t be a surprise that not everyone likes this type of group communication, but the group founder doesn’t understand it. Exiting the group is impossible, because the group founder would know. The best way to deal with this person is to mute the group notification. This way you can focus on other things again.