Sort Photos By Places & Display Map

Photos Places and Maps StartThe albums on the iPhone are a great chance to put all the photos and video collections into an order and get a better overview. Besides that, you can also sort your photos by the places, where you have taken them and let them show on a map. This way you can see on one sight, where you have taken pictures.

iPhone photos sorted by places

There are two different ways to sort photos by places. One way is using the Years/Collections/Moments display and the other one utilizes the Places album.

Years/Collections/Moments display

Open the Photos app on your iPhone and tap Photos at the left bottom corner. All three displays – Years, Collections and Moments – show in each section the locations, where you took the pictures. Tap one of these locations as shown on the screenshot below.

First you will see a summary with some photos. By clicking Display All you can see all photos that have been taken at this place.

Below there is a section called Places, where a map is displayed with thumbnails of your photos. Tap Show Nearby Photos to see further pictures, which have been taken nearby.

Photos Places and Maps 1

You can also zoom out of the map to see a wider map section. Thanks to the geolocation tags, thumbnails show you, where photos and videos have been taken. Tap a thumbnail to see the related shots.

Photos Places and Maps 2

This method is great, if you want to see your holiday pictures and the photos of the whole trip. These will be shown in the Display Nearby Photos section.

Places album

The second method is using the Albums section of the Photos app. So go to the Albums and choose the Places album.

The difference is that you don’t see the location of a certain moment or collection. Instead you will see a wider map section, which you can zoom in and out as much as you want. Tap a thumbnail to see the collection of a certain place.

Photos Places and Maps 3