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10 Tips For A Successful Instagram Account

Instagram counts to the most popular social networks. Facebooks image service has changed a lot within the past years though and evolved from a medium of spontaneous snapshots to a channel with perfectly staged photos. So it gets harder and harder to stand out of the crowd. That’s why we want to give you some tips, how to build up a successful Instagram account, which wins followers that stick to you in the long-term.

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Descriptive profile

Your future followers get not only an impression of your feed on the profile page, they also get to know you better personally. Hence, you should put as much information in the info field as possible. What are you doing for living? Do you have hobbies? Are you a blogger? All this info tells a lot about you in person.

Visual concept

Nobody posts pictures randomly anymore in Instagram. Behind each photo is hidden a complete concept, that Instagrammers have set for their feed in the beginning. They think through the subject, color scheme and photo editing.

Own style

Do you like to cook or to explore the nature? And do you want to share this via photos in Instagram? Then you are part of the other millions of Instagrammers, who are doing the same. This means that you have to stand out to be successful in Instagram. Be creative and find exceptional subjects and perspectives. The composition of images and the photo editing can give a signature to your feed. Only accounts with a high recognition value are successful in long-term.


A high quality of photos is crucial for a successful Instagram account. Nobody wants to see blurry, pixelated or poorly exposed pictures. So invest some time in the proper exposure and use natural light, if possible. By the way, the successful Instagrammers don’t take their photos by smartphone anymore. They use a professional camera.

Photo editing

No photo is unedited in Instagram. Many users avoid filters and the editing tools inside the app, but they either edit their photos with another image editing app on the smartphone or use an image processing program on the computer.


It’s not enough to just show some nice pictures in Facebook’s image app. The users want to get to know the person behind these photos and want to identify themselves with the Instagrammer. Captions for each post can help to relate to the person. So you should always write something below each photo. Allow your thoughts full bent.

Regular posting

You cannot grow your followers, if you only post once a month. Every post will attract attention and interest to new users and future followers. Hence, you should post regularly. Successful Instagrammers upload one to three posts per day.


If you want that as many people as possible see your Instagram photo, you should pay attention to the time. Most Instagram users are active in the morning (on the way to work) and at night (after work). According to a study, the best times for posts are between 6 and 8 in the morning and 5 to 8 at night.


Thanks to the hashtags, the users, who do not follow you yet, become aware of your photos. At the moment you can add up to 30 hashtags to every posting. However, it looks nicer, if don’t participate in the hashtag bombing and just use 10 to 15 hashtags per post. The important part is that you use hashtags, because they fit to the photo and not because they are popular at the moment.


The interaction with other users is a big factor for a successful account. Like and comment on other photos, which you like, and which are similar to your style. This way you attract the attention of other users and also build up a relationship to other Instagrammers.