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GPS: Display Gas Stations, Restaurants & Cafés On Route

You probably know already that you can use your iPhone as a GPS. The Maps app, which is pre-installed on your iPhone, brings you – hopefully safely – from A to B. However, you may not know the features, which are available on route. These options give you a faster access to the nearby gas stations, cafés and restaurants. All happens on route and without ending the current route.


This trick is based on iOS 10. Older versions of the Maps app might not have some of these features.

Display options on route

Open the Maps app on your iPhone and start a route.

You will see the whole route on the map. Below the map you have a bar, which shows the arrival time, the remaining driving time and the distance to your destination. You can also end the route in this section. Tap and swipe this section upwards to see six extra buttons.

The three top buttons show the options that you can display on the route.

If you want to see food options, choose the specific button. Depending on the day time, it can be called Lunch or Fast Food. You can also display the gas stations and cafés on the route. However, it only shows the places nearby and not on the whole route.

If you choose for example Gas Stations, iOS will zoom out of the map and will display the gas stations nearby. You can either select a gas station from the list below, so that it starts a route to it, or you tap the gas station icon on the map. Click Go to start the route to the gas station.

Once you want to get back on your original route, click Resume Route to … at the top. It will end the route to the gas station and will show the original route again.

This trick enables you to easily define interim destinations within one route, in case you are hungry, need coffee, or have to refuel your vehicle.