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Reverse Google Image Search On iPhone

Google’s reverse image search is unavailable for the mobile website. Sometimes you may want to find out the origin of an image on your iPhone though, because for example you want to draw conclusions, who is shown on the image. You can still do it – you just need an app for that.

Get “Search By Image Extension“

If you want to use this trick, you will need the free app “Search By Image Extension“. This app installs an iOS extension, that is directly available in the Photos app and by which you can start the reverse image search.

Change browser and search engines

If you want, you can open the app briefly and adjust two settings.

In the Settings you will find the options Preferred browser and Preferred search engine. If you are using Safari and Google, you don’t have to change anything. If not, you can make the adjustments there.

Start reverse image search

The starting point of this trick is a photo in your library, of which you want to know more about.

We have found a portrait of a handsome man in our photos library, but we cannot think of the name. So what shall we do? The installed app extension can help…

Tap the Share icon in the left bottom corner of the photo. In the second icon bar go to the far right side and click More. There you have to turn on the option “Search image”. You can optionally drag and drop this option to the top, so that it is easier and faster to access next time. Then tap Done. The extension is activated now.

You will now find the button “Search image” in the second icon bar. This button will initiate the reverse Google image search. Safari (or your alternative browser that you have set up earlier) will open and show a guess, who this person on the image could be – unless Google cannot figure it out.

Now we finally know the name of the handsome man again. ;-)

“Search By Image Extension“ in App Store

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