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How To Use WhatsApp For Data Transfer

There are multiple ways to exchange data between your iOS devices. Amongst others you can either use the Apple service AirDrop, connect your devices via Lightning cable or use Dropbox. However, you probably don’t know yet, that WhatsApp also offers a hidden option to transfer photos, videos, PDFs, documents, etc. to other devices.

Create WhatsApp group chat

The trick is based on a group chat. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to your chats, if you are not instantly there. Tap ”New Group“ in the right top corner.

As it is a group chat, you have to add at least one contact, who you should warn in advance. You will only add this contact to the group and kick the person out right away – could be a little rude without a warning, right?

Tap the contact to add him/her as a temporary participant and click Done in the right top corner.

Enter a group name – for example “Private“ – and tap Create. The contact, who you just added will see the name of the group.

Remove contact from group chat

First you remove the contact from the group again. To do this, click the group name at the top.

Scroll down to the Participant section, tap the contact and choose “Remove …“, which you have to confirm in the next step again.

Use WhatsApp for data transfer

Now you have a group chat for yourself and you can use it for the data transfer between your devices. For doing this, you have to have WhatsApp on all devices.

This way for example you can share a photo in the group chat from your Mac or laptop.

The photo will be instantly displayed in the group chat. You get a notification for, because you have sent it yourself.

This of course works vice versa and also cross-platform with Android and Windows.

Please note, that WhatsApp compresses larger videos and photos to save data volume and storage space. If you are looking for something to store your originals, you could use for example the iCloud photo library.

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