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The Most Unnecessary iPhone Gadgets

In the meanwhile there are a dime a dozen gadgets for iPhones. However, not every gadget is useful or simplifies the daily life. Sometimes you can get a lot of bizarre frills that is not worth spending money. From a shaver to a mini arcade game controller and a case with pepper spray cartridge: These are our Top 6 of the most unnecessary gadgets.

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3 in 1 car charger, emergency hammer & electric shaver

With the 3 in 1 Car Charger by Hizek you are supposedly prepared for every situation. The gadget is not only a car charger, but also an electric shaver, which runs with a 1200mAh Lithium battery. According to the producer, you can smash glass with the metal thorn of this tool. The charger is a nice gimmick for car drivers, who are often on the road and have no time for shaving in the morning. If you just want to charge your iPhone in the car, you could just get a usual car charger.

Arcade game controller

The iCade Jr. Arcade-style controller will give you a retro feeling. This little docking station turns your iPhone into a mini arcade game station without using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or additional batteries. In order to play the games, you have to download the Atari Greatest Hits app on your iPhone. The app itself is available for free in the App Store, but you have to purchase the 99 games or just some of them.

Unicorn power bank

No iPhone user leaves the house without a power bank anymore. The range of mobile batteries is wide. So the producers try to stand out from others with bizarre or extraordinary designs. A huge hype is the unicorn power bank at the moment, which mainly addresses the female iPhone users. Although it is super funny to have a mobile battery that looks like a unicorn, it has a bad performance. The battery has only a capacity of 2600mAh, which allows loading the iPhone 6s once and the iPhone 7 not even once.

iPhone cases with fur balls

This gadget fits well to the unicorn power bank. The iPhone cases with fur balls made it to our list of the most unnecessary iPhone gadgets. The color of the case has been adapted from the rosegold iPhone. A chain is stuck on the back of the case, to which a fur ball is attached. The fur ball has no function at all. The case at least protects the iPhone from scratches and dust, but the fur ball is just unnecessary.

iPhone case with pepper spray

The SmartGuard Case with pepper spray is supposed to meet your needs in terms of security in daily life. The cartridge for the irritant gas is integrated in the iPhone case, so that it is always accessible in case of emergency. Although the producer says that the danger of hurting yourself is impossible, we still have a bad feeling. You don’t want to imagine, how it would be like, if the safety mechanism fails while you are calling someone.

Mini fan

It’s hot, the sun is burning and you are longing for a cool down. A mobile fan like this one would be perfect in this situation. The electric blower can be attached to the Lightning port of the iPhone and should provide a cool head. However, the producer hides the following fact: The fan reduces the battery power extremely. So you have to decide between a full battery and a cool breeze.