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iPhone 8 – Our Expectations and Desires

This year the iPhone is becoming ten years old and the rumors are circeling for months. What extras will Apple add to the new smartphone generation? Will it be the iPhone 8, iPhone X or „just“ the iPhone 7s? We analyzed the rumors of the past few months for you and summed it up.

The tenth iPhone birthday would provide reason enough to believe that Apple has planned some surprises for the smartphone of the jubilee. A practically safe guess is that the new iPhone will be more expensive. A report speaks about a price of more than $1000 for the new smartphone. The iPhone 7 Plus with a storage space of 256 GB already sells for currently $969. Therefore, it seems logical that the new iPhone model will cost more than $1000. The new features, which are already safe to say, are going to be: Higher resolution camera, a faster chip and a longer battery life time.

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OLED display

It’s a virtually safe fact that the new iPhones get OLED displays. OLEDs were already used for the Apple Watch. So it’s obvious that the smartphones are going to be equipped with the energy-saving displays as well. Apple has placed a large order for plastic OLED panels with Samsung Display, according to respective reports.

iPhone 8 concept with curved OLED display ( View)

Frameless display

The iPhone has only changed slightly within the past years. The bubbling rumors kitchen is speculating a wholly new design for the upcoming smartphone. Some speak of a frameless display. This assumption would be underscored by the planned OLED display, which would make it possible for the first time. The display size is supposed to increase from 4.7’’ to 5” and for the Plus model to 5.8”. The iPhone case itself is not meant to grow. In fact the display shall fit into the size of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Wireless charging

Up until now Apple hasn’t equipped its iPhones with wireless charging technology. The so-called Qi Standard, which enables a wireless charging via induction, is already basic endowment for Android devices. This is still a wishful thinking for Apple phones – up until now. The models of the upcoming iPhone generation should provide the option of wireless charging as speculated by the mostly well informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The wireless charging technology increases the temperature inside the iPhone though. That’s why they also have to use OLED displays with heat-resistant materials. This rumor could actually be true in our opinion.

iPhone 8 mockup with wireless charging feature (

Highest waterproofness

The iPhone 7 already is mostly waterproof – thanks to IP-67 standard. According to a report, the newest iPhone generation is supposed to get the highest waterproofness. The IP-68 certification would enable to take the new iPhone under water for a longer time – without any damage. We believe that this could happen as well, because Apple improved the features with every new iPhone model.

iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s?

We still have left the question about the name. In our opinion Apple will remain true to itself in terms of naming the new generation. So we think that it’s unlikely to be an iPhone 8. In our opinion it will be the iPhone 7s or iPhone 7s Plus.

Up until now these are all speculations and desires. How the new iPhone generation will look like and be called will be released in fall 2017 – just as in the previous years.

Now it’s your term: What improvements are you hoping for with the new iPhone? Do you desire wireless charging and a higher waterproofness or some completely different features? We are looking forward to your opinion and expectations in the comments.