Changeover From BlackBerry To iPhone – Transfer Contacts

Changeover from BlackBerry to iPhone - Transfer contactsWhile the mobile BlackBerry operating system had 0.2 percent market share in the 4th calendar quarter of 2015, it dropped to 0.0 percent in the 4th quarter of 2016. That’s only 208,000 sold BlackBerrys, whereas Apple noted around 77 million sold iPhones in the same time period. The business end of BlackBerry seems to be inevitable. Maybe you are part of the group that had to use a BlackBerry as a business phone so far and has to change over to iPhone now. Then you will have to face the problem of how to transfer your business contacts from your BlackBerry to your iPhone.

Transfer contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone

Depending on your BlackBerry model, the way of transferring the contacts to your new iPhone will vary.

BlackBerry 7.1 OS and earlier

This method is suitable, if you are using the operating system in the version 7.1 or earlier on your BlackBerry.

First, you install the application BlackBerry Desktop on your Mac or PC. You can download the software for free on the official BlackBerry website:

Connect your BlackBerry to your computer and start BlackBerry Desktop. Then go to Device > Backup and create a backup of your BlackBerry. This way it will save a backup of your contacts to your computer.

Afterwards you can connect your new iPhone with the computer and start iTunes. Click Info in the iPhone section of the sidebar. There you have to turn on the option Sync Contacts. This only works though, if you have deactivated the sync of your contacts via iCloud (you can turn off this feature on your iPhone in Settings > iCloud).

If you synchronize your iPhone with your Mac or PC, all your Black Berry contacts will be transferred to your iPhone.

BlackBerry 10 OS and later.

The above described method doesn’t work for later BlackBerrys with later operating systems (version 10 or later).
Instead you will have to install the app InTouchApp Contacts on your BlackBerry, which you can get for free in the BlackBerry App Store:

Open the app InTouchApp Contacts on your BlackBerry and register. The app will download all your contacts from your BlackBerry and saves it to your freshly created account.

Install the same app on your iPhone:

Open InTouchApp Contacts on your iPhone and log in with your account. Now you can transfer your BlackBerry contacts to your iPhone.