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How to Change Your iPhone Carrier Logo without Jailbreaking

Bored of your plain old iPhone carrier logo? This is a guide on how to change the carrier logo on iPhone and replace it with a custom carrier logo of your liking. No jailbreak needed! We will be using special tools that allow us to customize the logo of your phone service provider which is currently decorating your Status Bar. Please note that this only works with carriers that employ a graphical carrier logo, some do not use images and therefore make this trick unusable.

Note: Carrier logos or so-called provider logos only apply to iOS devices with 3G, 4G or LTE modules. The iPad won’t work if you are dealing with a WiFi-only version, you need an iDevice that has built-in mobile internet hardware.

How to change carrier logo on iPhone using CarrierEditor (Mac only)

Settings > General > About > Carrier

One of the tools that are great for this job is called CarrierEditor and is freely available for Mac OS X 10.7 and above.

You can find it at uhelios’s website. The tool works without a jailbreak and on most firmwares.

Download the DMG file from the website, then double-click to open the disk image. Now drag the to your “Applications” folder on the Mac. Follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve the required “Carrier Version Number” and enter it in the corresponding field of the app to continue.

If compatible, CarrierEditor will allow you to change the logo for your device.


How to swap out your carrier logo on iPhone using CustomCarrierLogo (Windows only)

Settings > General > About > Carrier

It seems as if the original creator of CustomCarrierLogo, a carrier logo replacement utility for Microsoft Windows, has disappeared. Thankfully, Jamie Ede decided to host the utility on his blog, where you can download it for free.

CustomCarrierLogo is the Windows pendant to CarrierEditor and allows you change the operator logo of your iPhone to anything you like. It even converts text input to a graphical logo.

How to use it: Download and install the application, then retrieve your iPhone or iPad “Carrier Version Number” to proceed. When done, click “Create IPCC Carrier Bundle” and launch iTunes. When ready, shift-click the Restore Button in iTunes and select the newly created IPCC Carrier Bundle file to apply the operator logo. You might need to reboot your iPhone for the changes to apply.