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Reach Contacts Faster Using 3D Touch

If you own an iPhone 6s or later, you probably know already a lot about the 3D Touch. Did you know yet that you can reach your contacts faster using 3D Touch as well? If not, you will learn it in this article.


You need a 3D Touch capable iPhone, which means an iPhone 6s or later. In addition you have to use iOS 10 or later on your iPhone.

Reach contacts faster

You can reach contacts faster on your 3D Touch capable iPhone by firmly pressing the contact photo or initials of the contact (in case there is no contact photo).

This trick works everywhere, where contact photos or initials are shown – for example the details view of the contact in the Contacts app, your favorites, or in the Messages app.

The shortcuts of the 3D Touch show many types of contacting. Choose Message, Call, Video or Mail to select the linked phone number or mail address. Then you can send your message, make the call or write the mail.

If there are many phone numbers/mail addresses, you can select the one you want to contact by using the arrow. If you are selected another phone number than the preset, iOS will remember it and will suggest it the next time.

This way you can set a default number for calls and messages on your iPhone. Read more…