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Using Multiple Email Addresses For iMessage Chats

Generally you can be reached via your Apple ID in Apples iMessage. However, you can also add additional email addresses, so that you can separate for example business and private chats. In this article we show you how you can add multiple email addresses to iMessage.

How to add multiple email addresses

First you have to open the Settings on your iPhone. Then scroll down until you see Messages. Once in the Messages settings you choose Send & Receive.

You now are in the iMessage settings. Here you can Add Another Email in the section You Can Be Reached By iMessage At.

Enter the additional email address and confirm by using the Return button on the keyboard. Afterwards you will receive an email to this address. Go to your mailbox of the respective mail address, open the mail and open the confirmation link. The last step is to enter your Apple ID and password to verify adding this email address.
Now you’re done!

You can add as many email addresses as you want the same way. We wish you a lot of fun chatting in iMessage!