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Using AirDrop efficiently & Share Content Faster

AirDrop allows exchanging data between iPhones as well as between iPhones and Macs. Many heard of AirDrop, but only a few are actually using it. In fact AirDrop offers a very convenient way to share content faster. This article shall give you an idea of how you can use AirDrop efficiently on your iPhone.


The following tricks are based on iOS 10. Although AirDrop was introduced to iOS 7, the range of functions has increased immensely over the years. So it can happen that you cannot use some of the following tricks, if you are using an earlier iOS version.

In addition you should know how AirDrop works in general.

Share Safari links

Think about how you would usually share links – probably via SMS, iMessage or WhatsApp, right? This method isn’t really convenient: First you have to copy your links to your clipboard, and then you have to open the particular app, tap the input box, paste the link and tap Send. Even for the receiver, it is an inconvenient way: The person has to open the app, click the link and then it would open Safari.

AirDrop makes this procedure much faster: Tap the Share icon on any page in Safari – it is in the bottom menu bar. Choose the AirDrop Contact, which you want to share the link with. That’s it!

The receiver will be notified about the link and the page will be opened right away – without any further steps!

Share contact

Even sharing contacts can be super complicated. Let’s look at it via iMessage. The receiver has to tap the contact preview, so that it opens the contact entry and then the person has to choose whether he/she wants to create a new contact or add it to an existing contact.

The faster solution is for sure AirDrop: Open a contact in your Contacts app and choose Share Contact. Now you just have to choose the AirDrop contact.

The receiver iPhone will display a notification that someone has shared a contact. Afterwards you have the option to save the contact easily by tapping Save at the top right. It will automatically create a new contact.

Share apps

If you have found a great app and you want to share it with your friends, you don’t have to ask them to search the App Store for the particular app anymore.

Use AirDrop instead: Open the App Store and the app, which you’d like to share. Click the Share icon in the details view of the app and then you choose your AirDrop contact again.

On 3D Touch capable iPhones (iPhone 6s and later) you can share installed apps by pressing the app icon firmly and then hit Share “XY”. In the next step you have to choose the AirDrop contact again. This is even faster!


Share Apple Music albums & songs

Subscribers of Apple Music can share albums and songs with other Apple Music subscribers. Just look around for the Share icon in the Apple Music app. Pretty awesome fact: If you share a single song, it will be instantly played on the receiver iPhone.