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Hacker Are Threatening Apple – Protect Your Account

A group of hackers, which calls itself “Turkish Crime Family”, is trying to blackmail Apple. They are threatening Apple with the deletion of millions of iCloud accounts, if they don’t pay US$150,000. While Apple announced already that no iCloud account is at risk, you can still make your account safe for hacking attacks. We show you the three most important methods to protect your account.

Hacker are threatening Apple

At the moment it is known that the group of hackers, which named itself the „Turkish Crime Family“ (and has been totally unknown up until now), is threatening Apple to delete millions of iCloud accounts. According to the reports, they demand 150,000 USD until April 7th. Initially the hackers even agreed on a payment in form of Bitcoins or iTunes credits.

They used Twitter and YouTube as communication channels. The email contact between them and Apple has been released in the magazine “Motherboard”.

Considering the high amount of supposedly hacked iCloud accounts, the hacker group demanded a pretty small amount of money. The media-effective approach and the willingness to receive the money in Bitcoins and iTunes credit seem to be amateurish. The “Turkish Crime Family” still owes evidence to show that they actually hacked accounts.

Protect your account

Change Apple-ID (password)

First it would make sense to change at least the Apple password. You can do this on a webpage, which has been created only for Apple-ID. Read more…

Changing the Apple-ID would be even safer. First you have to create a new Apple ID. Afterwards open your Settings > iTunes & App Store and log into your new Apple ID. Read more…

Create iTunes backup

The next step is to save your data. Create a local iTunes backup on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer, open iTunes and go to the iPhone tab, where you choose “Back Up Now”. Read more…

Activate two-factor authentication

The “Turkish Crime Family“ stated that they only have the iCloud accounts, which are not protected with the two-factor authentication. Therefore, you should enable the two-factor authentication to truly be on the safe side. We show you how this works in an extra article. Read more…