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Twitter: Create Lists On Your iPhone

If you are using Twitter for a while already, you probably know this problem: You are following hundreds or thousands of other twitter accounts and as a result you get a timeline which is almost unreadable. Tons of tweets of every person you follow are landing in your news feed. This inhibits that you can read the tweets of people you are really interested in and provide really good content.

A good method to establish order in your news feed is creating Twitter lists. The list function enables you to create extra news feeds, which are readable and provide the information that you want. This way you could create a list with the name “friends”, where you put all the twitterer that you consider friends. If you choose this list, you will only see the tweets of your friends. Therefore, you could create special lists for every interest you have.

We will show you how you can create lists on Twitter.

Create a Twitter list

First you tap the settings icon (cogwheel) at the upper part of the screen. A drop-drown menu will open now, where you will go to Lists.

Now you are on the “Lists“ screen, where you have to tap the plus icon in the right top corner to create a new Twitter list.

Afterwards you can enter a name and a short description of the list. You can choose, if you want that the list is visible in public or not. Once you are done with this part, you can tap the Save button at the top right to finish creating the list.

Now you can add new members to the list. Enter the full name of the member or the @twitter name that you want to add to this list. You will now see the account of the user below the input field. Tap it, so that the account will be added to your Twitter list. If you want to delete a member from the list use the X on the right-hand side.

Done. That’s it. You have successfully created a Twitter list and added your first member.

Read and manage your Twitter list

Reading the list is easy. Go to the settings of your Twitter app by tapping the cogwheel icon again and choose Lists from the drop-down menu. Afterwards you will see all your lists, which you have created or subscribed to. If you choose a list, you will get to the news feed of it. It only shows the tweets of the list members.

If you want to remove or edit the list, you have to choose Edit in the top right corner. Then you will be on the “Edit List” screen, where you can manage the list by adding and removing members or deleting the whole list. The list name, description and privacy settings are manageable on this screen as well.

We wish you a lot of fun with your fresh news feed lists on Twitter!

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