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How To Make Perfect Portraits With the iPhone 7 Plus

The photos of the iPhone 7 Plus can compete with professional camera photos, thanks to the Dual Camera and Portrait Mode. The iPhone 7 Plus has a second lens in contrast to the previous models. The Portrait Mode focuses the person and makes the background blurry. This way you get a perfect portrait, in which the person is in the focus of the image. We show you what you have to pay attention on.


If you want to use the Portrait Mode, you need to update your iPhone at least to iOS 10.1.

The two camera lenses of the iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera achieve the so-called Bokeh Effect. This effect ensures that the background is intentionally blurry and that the structures seem to be circular. This way the person in the foreground is in focus.

Photographing in Portrait Mode

To take photos in Portrait Mode, you have to open the Camera app and choose Portrait from the modes wheel at the bottom.

However, there are a few things to pay attention to in order to make a perfect portrait photo.


The integrated face recognition identifies the object in most cases automatically. If it fails, you can manually put a focus on the person by tapping on the screen.


The more contrast is between the background and the chosen object, the better is the Bokeh effect of the Portrait Mode. So choose the background wisely. It has to differ from the object in the color and textures, so that you can use the depth effect.

Distance to object

The minimum distance between the camera and the object are 20cm (8 inches). This will result in a beautiful picture with depth effect. If you are too close, a note will appear on the screen – Move farther away. If you are farther away than 2.5m (8ft) though, the Portrait Mode cannot produce the depth effect with the blurry background anymore.


Like in every other photo, the light conditions are the key to great pictures with the Dual Camera of the iPhone 7 Plus. If there isn’t enough light, you will be warned by your iPhone.

An extremely stunning portrait results from sunlight in the background, while the object is in the shade. The camera focuses on the object perfectly in these light conditions, so that the Bokeh comes into full effect.

Object selection

If you want to portray more than one person, you have to make sure that both have the same distance to the camera and that they have the same exposure. Only then you will get the depth effect with multiple persons.

Check out the photo below: On the left-hand side the second person is blurry and the depth effect doesn’t look good. On the right-hand side, however, both persons are in focus and the whole background is blurry, which causes a perfect portrait.

If you have to walk away more than 2.5m or 8ft to get everyone on the photo, the depth effect won’t work anymore. In this case it’s smarter to change into the HDR Mode, which also makes great, high contrast pictures. This mode can be activated inside the camera and makes many photos with different exposures, which are put together to one photo automatically.

Save portraits twice

If you want to keep both versions of the portrait, you have to go into your iPhone Settings. Scroll down for Photos & Camera and go to the section Portrait Mode. There you just have to activate Keep Normal Photo by tapping the slide button. Then iOS will save the normal photo without depth effect and one with it.

Pretty portrait photos without iPhone 7 Plus

If you don’t have an iPhone 7 Plus, you could use the free app TADAA, which helps editing photos. You just have to open the photo in the app and choose the effect you like, as well as the intensity of the effect. Easy, right?

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