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How To Use Instagram As A Travel Guide

In the meantime, many people would say that Instagram and traveling belong together inseparably. We share our best moments with our friends and followers, as well as go on a search for fresh travel inspiration. Instagram is actually a great travel guide for free because it shows us hidden places and unknown sights. This time we want to show you, how you can save your money for a classic guide book and how you can go on a journey of exploration.

Follow travel accounts

Do you want to explore a new area? Then it would help to follow tourist boards of countries, cities, and regions. Besides the well-known sights, they will also repost photos of other Instagrammers, who have taken photos of the region. The photos mostly have a geotag as well, so that you can see the location on a map. This way you will definitely find some highlights for your next journey, besides the typical tourist attractions.

You can find the tourist boards by using the search tool on Instagram. Enter a place and click the People tab. To stay on top of the variety of accounts, you should look out for blue checkmarks. It shows that it is a verified and official account.

Hashtag search

The easiest option to find interesting places in a foreign country is the hashtag search. It will open when you tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of the Instagram app.

If you want to go to Paris for example, Instagram will suggest you different hashtags in the Tags tab (#) that are related to Paris. If you choose one of the hashtags, it will show you the latest and most popular post with this hashtag, as well as other suggestions for similar hashtags. This way you can go through numerous hashtags and photos for your travel destination and discover new restaurants, bars or shops.

Nearby places

If you are already at your travel destination and you want to go on an exploration trip, we recommend the Instagram function “Places“. It is located in the search tool at the very right, where you can choose your current location in order to see nearby places. As soon as you tap Near Current Location, you will see the most popular and current photos, as well as a map preview, where the place is.


Instagram is a great and free alternative to a normal guide book and travel guide. If you can spend some time search the hashtags and tourist boards, you can discover places, which you probably had missed, if you weren’t using the app. That’s why we recommend everyone to check the app before you go on your next trip to a new region.

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