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How To Find New Audio Books With Spotify

Searching various audio books on Spotify and listen to them, works well, but only if you know the title or the author. Whereas finding new audio books without an author or title is very difficult. We collected some tips, which will enable you to find audio books directly on Spotify.

Find audio books with Spotify

You can use the classic search tool on Spotify to find new material. You can simply type in “audio books” in the search bar and will see the playlist Audio Books on Spotify as a top result.

When you scroll further down, you will also find the keyword audio books in other categories like Artists, as well as Podcasts, Albums, Songs, and Playlists.

You will find diverse audio books in all lists, but the sorting of them mostly is confusing. That’s why we collected some helpful tips that will make your search easier.

If you have no idea, what you want to listen to next, you could follow one of the audio books Profiles. This way you will get a huge range of Playlists, which are sorted by genre or by authors. There you can just choose what you like.

You can follow a Playlist if you like it. Then it will appear in Your Library so that you don’t need to search it every time.

If you already have a favorite author, you can obviously search for the name. You will see all published audio books, playlists, and the latest piece. So you just need to choose the suitable audio book.

There are also other Spotify users, who made the effort already and compiled varied playlists with audio books. Those often don’t stick to one author. Following those can be helpful as you don’t have to search again.

The playlists are more than one book so that you have to pay attention when you play the audio book because you don’t want to mix them up.

Tip: Here’s how to find audiobooks on Apple Music!

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