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This Is How You Activate Two-Factor Authentication On Instagram

A changed username, missing photos or deleted followers: This can happen if you don’t protect your account. Instagram has added a new two-factor authentication to the app to make your account secure to hacker attacks. This feature is supposed to protect you, so that people cannot hack your account and that nobody else can log in with your information.

You can set up the two-factor authentication in the settings of your Instagram account. Just go to your profile and tap the wheel in the top right corner. Go to Two-factor Authentication and activate the option “require security code” by tapping the slide button. Instagram will demand to enter a 6-digit security code, which will be sent to your phone number by SMS. You have to enter the code into the field on Instagram.

Instagram now creates digit codes for your account. One screenshot of these codes will be automatically saved to your photo library. So in future, you will need a code, which will be sent via SMS in addition to the normal login information to sign into your Instagram account.

The advantage of the two-factor authentication is, that people get denied access even though they have your password because they cannot sign in without the security code.

If you don’t get a text message, you can use the backup codes from the screenshot. This file should not stay in your photos library. So save the screenshot at a safe place, so that nobody else can access it.

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