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Stolen or Lost iPhone? – Lock Your WhatsApp Account!

If you lost your iPhone, you should instantly protect your accounts and data. First of all, call your phone service provider to lock your SIM card. However, this has no effect on your WhatsApp account because you can use WhatsApp even without a SIM card. So unauthorized persons could still send text messages! To prevent you from this, we want to show you how you can lock your WhatsApp account in case you have lost your iPhone or it got stolen.

Lock Your WhatsApp account

If you want to lock your WhatsApp account, you need to send an email to the WhatsApp support. Use the following email address for this:

[email protected]

The subject has to be: “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account”.

In the body of the email, you write: “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account” followed by your phone number in international style. Example: If you have this American phone number – “808 1234 123”, you have to write “+1 808 1234 123”.

What happens with the locked WhatsApp account?

  • Your WhatsApp account will not be deleted by the procedure above. It will be deactivated (locked).
  • Your name stays visible for your WhatsApp contacts.
  • Messages, which were sent to you on WhatsApp while the lock (maximum 30 days), will be sent to you as soon as you reactivate your WhatsApp account.
  • After 30 days, locked accounts will be deleted, if they were not reactivated.

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