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Display List Of Old 32-bit Apps On iPhone

Apple noticeably bets on the strength of the 64-bit architecture, which was built in the iPhone 5s with the A7 chip for the first time. Since iOS 9, Apple allows other iOS developers to only write apps for 64-bit iPhones. As of now, there are still 32-bit apps available in the App Store. If you are using a 32-bit app on our iPhone, you’ll be notified that this app will not work in future iOS versions. iOS 10.3 now contains a list of old 32-bit apps. This way you can check which apps are affected and won’t be available anymore soon. It allows you to look around for alternatives before they are inoperable.


You need iOS 10.3 or later to see the list of the 32-bit apps.

Display list of old 32-bit apps

Open the Settings on your iPhone and go to General. On this level, click About. The most entries in the About section (e.g. the number of your photos and videos, etc.) just provide the information and don’t offer more functions. However, you can click the option Applications. If you cannot open a new level, you don’t have any old 32-bit apps.

On this App Compatibility level, you will see all installed apps that are written with the old 32-bit architecture and that are not compatible with the 64-bit architecture.

These apps can slow down your iPhone and won’t work anymore in the future iOS versions – in case the developer doesn’t release an update.

If you tap one of the apps, you will be directed to the App Store.

Up until now, Apple does not reveal, when the old apps are going to be banished. It could be with the iOS 11 that is going to be released in fall 2017.