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Automate Work & Tasks With Workflow App

As iPhone users, we cannot complain about the user-friendliness in comparison to diverse other smartphone models, because the iPhone features are working intuitive and don’t need a long learning period. However, there are a few actions on the iPhone that we have to complete every few days or even more often, although they take way too long. For this reason, we want to present to you an app called Workflow, by which you can automate your tasks.

Get “Workflow“

Open the App Store on your iPhone and get the app Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple. This application is available for free since Apple bought.

What is „Workflow“?

Workflow simplifies to perform certain tasks on your iPhone, by combining certain steps and string them together with one a finger tap.

You don’t need to know about programming for this task. The app has an own gallery section, where you can find numerous workflows. You may have to adjust them a little bit or you can use them right away. You can also create your own workflows via drag & drop.

Automate work & tasks with the app

Open Workflow on your iPhone. The app is clearly arranged and basically consists of two sections: My Workflows and Gallery. Both can be accessed by using the tabs on top.

Gallery: Find & activate workflows

In the Gallery section, you will find a huge amount of workflows, which you can activate instantly and use right away.

Browse through the different categories (EssentialsQuick Shortcuts, etc.) to find the suitable workflow for you.

Tapping a workflow will open a details view, where you can see a short description of the workflow and of which functions it is composed. You can customize every workflow as you need. Click Get Workflow at the bottom right to activate this workflow.

Here are some examples of workflows:

  • Share via message at what time you’ll be home
  • Download a file from the URL in the clipboard
  • Calculate tips
  • Save any file as pdf file
  • Play music playlist
  • Log my weight
  • Speed dial
  • Find your way back home
  • Upload photos to Dropbox
  • And many more…

My Workflows: Use & edit workflows

In the section My Workflows, you can find all workflows you have activated.

Double tap a workflow to use and perform it right away.

Single tap a workflow to edit it. You can make diverse adjustments. If you choose Actions at the bottom, you can add or remove single actions to optimize the workflow for you.

Activate Workflow  widgets for a faster access

To use the workflows faster, it will help to activate the Workflow widget. Open the widget view and scroll down, so that you can choose Edit. Activate Workflow and confirm the change with clicking Done at the top right.

Now you can access your workflows from everywhere (even from Lock Screen).

“Workflow“ on the App Store

Developer: Apple
Price: Free
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