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Here Is Why There Is A Black Dot Next To The iPhone Camera

As an iPhone user, you probably noticed the little black dot on the back of the iPhone many times. Everyone knows that it is there, but less know what function it has. Between the camera lens and the flash is a little black hole, which is an additional microphone. If you look closely, you will notice the characteristic comb-like structure of microphones. Among other purposes, it helps with the noise suppression and in capturing the sound in a wider angle to ensure a better quality of conversations.

The microphone is one of the three built-in microphones on the iPhone. The main microphone is at the bottom of the iPhone next to the Lightning port and another one is on top of the display. Both are bigger than the tiny hole on the backside of the iPhone.

It is important that none of these microphones are constantly covered by iPhone cases, stickers, or screen protection. The teamwork of all microphones makes your voice clear when you call, video talk, or FaceTime somebody.