Instagram: Delete Or Deactivate Comments

Instagram: Delete Or Deactivate CommentsMany Instagram users have to deal with people, who leave inappropriate comments or advertisement for adult content below their photos and videos. Such comments can be annoying if they get out of hand. We have good news: You can delete single comments on Instagram or deactivate the comments function for individual posts (temporarily).

Delete comments on Instagram

You can delete comments on Instagram, if the person insults you, spams you, or if you have any other reason, why you don’t want the comment under your photo.

Go to your profile in the Instagram app (bottom right icon). Choose a photo that you have posted. If there are comments for this photo, you can click the first comment to show all comments.

Now you’ll be on the comments screen, where you can delete single comments. Just swipe the desired comment to the left and tap the delete button (trash icon).

Delete a single comment on your post in Instagram

Deactivate comments on Instagram

In addition, you have the option to deactivate comments for individual posts or all future posts.

Deactivate comments for existing photos and videos

If you want to turn off the commenting for an existing photo, you can click the photo and tap the more icon (three dots) at the top right. In the drop-down menu, you have to choose Turn Off Commenting.

This will not just deactivate the function for further comments, but also hide the existing comments (no deletion).

The same way, you can turn on the commenting again.

Turn off commenting on existing posts on Instagram

Turn off comments for future photos and videos

When you create a new post, you can click Advanced Settings and deactivate the commenting in this section. This way you can prevent negative or spammy comments in the first place.

Turn off commenting on new posts to Instagram

You can activate the comment function for the photo later on again. You just have to follow the steps above.

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