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How to Permanently Delete Photos from Your iPhone

You deleted a photo from your iPhone. But wait, is it really gone? With iOS 8, Apple added a feature that allows you to recover an image that was recently deleted. As an iPhone user, you should probably know of this, or you might be in for an uncomfortable surprise. Here’s how to delete iPhone photos (permanently) and make sure that they won’t come back to haunt you, read on for the full guide to photo deletion on iOS 8 and above.

How to delete a photo on iPhone

Photos > Select Image > Trash

To delete an image on iPhone, go to your Photos app. Pick the image which you would like to delete and view it fully by tapping the thumbnail. Now hit the trash can symbol to delete the image. This will place it in a sort of limbo, as iOS 8 does not immediately remove all traces of the photo. If you have the Photo Stream enabled, the image will also be deleted from your other devices that are in sync with the current library.

How to permanently and fully delete photos on iPhone

Photos > Albums > Recently deleted

There’s a new default photo album on your iPhone and it’s called “Recently Deleted”. Within this special album (which  itself cannot be deleted) you’ll find photos from the last 29 to 30 days of your usage, that have been deleted recently. To delete photos permanently, go to “Select” in the top right corner, then either “Delete All” or pick single or multiple images in this album by tapping them manually.

Once they have been deleted from the “Recently Deleted” folder, they will be gone for good.

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