Instagram: Add Collections For Saved Photos & Videos

As of late, the Instagram app has a feature that allows you to organize saved photos and videos in collections. Instagram didn’t announce it largely nor did they mention it in the release notes of the last update. However, they could not hide the new feature from us and we believe you should definitely get to know this one!

Save photos and videos

You were already able to save photos and video on Instagram before. That’s nothing new. Open any photo or video on Instagram and tap the little bookmark icon below it. This image or video will be saved to your bookmarks on your Instagram profile. If the user, who uploaded the post, deletes it again, then your bookmark will disappear as well.

Tip: Other people will not get a notification that you saved their posts as bookmarks!

Save Instagram photos and videos as bookmarks

Organize saved photos and videos in collections

So what is new? The option to organize saved photos and videos in collections was just recently added.

Create collections by adding a new bookmark

You can create a collection in two different ways: You can hold the bookmark icon instead of tapping it.

Create new collection on Instagram by holding the bookmark icon

You have to either press the plus icon before you can enter the name of the collections or it already opens the name input box right away. So enter a name for the collection and press Done.

The photo or video will be automatically added to the new collection.

Giving the new collection on Instagram a name

Create collection via profile

The other way to create a collection leads through your profile. Tap the bookmark on your profile screen. Click Collections and then the plus icon at the top right corner. Enter a name for the collection and click Done.

Creating a new collection through your Instagram profile

Then you still have to choose photos/videos that you want to add to this collection. Hit Done and you successfully created a new collection.

Select photos and videos for your new collection

Save photos and videos in collections

If you already created collections, you can obviously add new photos and videos to them. Instead of tapping the bookmark icon on a post, hold it. Then you can select the collection you want to add the post to.

Delete photos and videos from collections

If you want to delete single posts from a collection, go to your profile and open a collection. Tap a photo or video and then click the bookmark icon. Then you just have to confirm by hitting Remove.

Edit and delete collection

If you want to delete a collection, go to your profile again, click the bookmark and go to a collection. Tap the More icon (three dots) in the top right corner and choose Edit Collection. On this screen, you can edit the collection or delete it.

Edit or deleting collections on Instagram