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Crash iPhone With Control Center Bug

If you get hold of another iPhone, you can crash it with a simple and quick trick! In this article, we cover how you can use a bug to freeze an iPhone. This trick is harmless and just restarts the SpringBoard that is responsible for the functionality of the Home Screen.


The YouTuber Kevin N says that he successfully tested this trick on an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and 6s. We also tried it with an iPhone 7, as well as an iPhone 5s – and it worked! So you can most likely crash any iPhone model with these instructions.

The requirement seems to be iOS 10.2 or later. Older iOS versions are not vulnerable to this bug.

Crash an iPhone

If you get hold of an unlocked iPhone, you can crash it with the following steps:

Open the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the Home Screen.

Here is the actual trick, which needs three fingers at the same time: Touch the buttons AirDrop, Night Shift and Calculator simultaneously (we marked them for you on the screenshot below).

Tip: If you have troubles with this process, try the Timer icon instead of the Calculator. We could trigger a crash with different button combinations.

iOS apparently is overwhelmed with this triple touch.

If your timing was right, the iPhone should either “say goodbye” right away or the screen freezes first. The SpringBoard will be restarted in both cases and the iPhone can be used normally afterwards.