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Testing: iPhone Memory Stick iBridge 3 by Leef

Every time before you buy a new iPhone, you probably ask yourself how much storage you will need. Unlike other smartphones, you cannot extend the storage on an iPhone by using a SD card. If you run short on storage, you can either try different tricks to free up some space or you could purchase a memory stick for your iPhone. You can save photos, videos, and other files externally and save them to your computer via USB port. We tested the iBridge 3 by Leef for you.

High-quality product

The memory stick was delivered in a box that functions as a manual at the same time. The package includes the iBridge 3 (obviously) and a rubber protection, in which you can store the stick. The gadget makes a great first impression and looks high-quality. Thanks to the J-shape and the flexible rubber part, it fits on every iPhone, no matter how thick your case is. The iBridge 3 is compatible with every iPhone model starting with iPhone 5.

Super easy installation

The iPhone gadget has to be connected with the iPhone via Lightning port. The smartphone will automatically detect the connection and will suggest a suitable app from the App Store. Once you downloaded the app, you can use the memory stick right away.

On the other side of the stick, you will find a USB 3.1 connector, by which you can copy files to your computer.

Features: Management, backup and more

The app is structured very clearly and is easy-to-use. The home screen shows four big buttons, by which you can manage the iBridge 3. In addition, you have smaller icons for settings, the security feature “Leef Lock” and backup.

You can copy photos from the iPhone to iBridge by using the button “Transfer Files”. Select the files and confirm so that the photos will be copied to the memory stick. On the iBridge 3, the files will be sorted by date so that you won’t lose the overview. Thanks to USB 3.1, the transfer speed is fast. The quality stays the same, but the iPhone battery drains quicker while using the memory stick. You cannot charge your iPhone at the same time as the iBridge 3 uses the Lightning port.

If you click the “iBridge Camera“ button on the home screen, you can take photos and record videos to save them to the memory stick right away. The release button functions as a status bar for the saving process. The disadvantage of this feature is that you can only save regular photos and videos, but no Live Photos, slo-mo videos, time lapses, or panorama photos.

In the section “Content Viewer“, you will get an overview of all saved files. You can select single files and move them to other folders. The marked objects can also be shared via mail or WhatsApp, as well as printed and assigned to certain contacts. If you choose the three dots at the bottom right, you can also delete the item. The memory stick supports all usual photo and video formats, except iTunes files.

If you want to know, how much space you got left on the iBridge 3, you can click the “File Manager” button. You can search for specific files, create new folders and sync the files via the cloud provider Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or iCloud.

One of the most useful features of the iBridge 3 is the “Leef Lock“, which is the little gray lock icon on the home screen. The memory stick can be locked so that nobody can access your files. Only people who know the security code or can provide a valid Touch ID can access the files. As soon as you activate the feature, you cannot copy any files from the stick to a computer via USB. So you have to deactivate the Leef Lock before transferring files. This can be a little annoying if you don’t have the iPhone in reach, but want to transfer data.

The icon next to the Leef Lock will bring you to the backup section. It allows saving photos and contacts from the iPhone to the iBridge. The backup can be saved every time you connect the memory stick to the iPhone or in regular intervals. Photos and contacts can also be saved manually by clicking “Save Now”.

In the settings (little wheel), you will find an overview of the storage space, general information, FAQs and general settings.


The iBridge 3 by Leef saves files, such as photos and videos reliably and securely. This way you can still access certain files, although they don’t fit on your iPhone. So you can use the stick as a storage extension and for backups of photos, contacts or music. It is a handy option to save iPhone photos to the computer without using iTunes. So the iBridge 3 is a perfect tool for people who have a storage problem and still need important files on a daily matter.

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