Caller ID Lookup on iPhone

reverse-phone-lookup-on-iPhoneDid you know that there’s a way to search for the corresponding Caller ID for a phone number? This caller ID lookup or reverse phone number lookup is a handy tool for identifying unknown calls. Typically, you’ll get an overview of the calls that you made with your iPhone, which is regularly compiled by your service provider. But who does that one unknown number belong to? You have spotted it on your itemized bill, but no idea how to discover the person behind it. Read on to learn a handy trick for this type of situation.

Find out who called me

Spotlight → [Enter Number]

The fastest and easiest way to see if a caller, who left his number verbally on your voice box, or whose number appears on an itemized bill is among your contacts, is to search for him or her via Spotlight.

Go to your iPhone Home Screen and swipe downwards to open the “Spotlight” search. Now enter the number you are trying to perform a reverse Caller ID Lookup on. As you can see in the following screenshot, your iPhone will return the corresponding contact. Providing you have his number in your address book, of course.

reverse lookup on iPhone

Can’t find out who called me

Try a reverse phone number lookup, we can recommend the free reverse lookups at the whitepages. Simply click on the link and enter the full number into the search field, then click on “Search” to identify your unknown caller.