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iPhone 7 vs. Huawei P10 – Which One Is Better?

The iPhone 7 is seen as one of the most popular smartphones, but way too expensive for many people. A cheaper alternative is purchasing one of the Huawei smartphones. Over time, the Chinese corporation is getting stronger on the market and wants to offer an alternative to the Apple phone. We compared the Huawei P10 with the iPhone 7 and will tell you which is better iPhone or Huawei.

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The design of the Huawei P10 is very similar to the iPhone 7. Both smartphones have the characteristic body with rounded edges. The Huawei P10 with a screen diagonal of 5.1in is a little bit bigger than the 4.7in iPhone 7 screen. Home Button, microphones, and selfie camera are in the same spots. The back of the Huawei P10 is also like the iPhone 7. Flash, camera, and microphone are located at the same place. The only difference is the second lens of the Huawei P10. So regarding the design, both smartphones are very similar.


The biggest difference is visible in the durability of the smartphones. The iPhone 7 is water resistant as well as dust resistan and got certified with IP67. This means that it can dive into the water (max. 1m/3ft) for up to 30min. Huawei renounces such a qualification for the P10. So the category “Best durability“ wins the iPhone 7.


There are also some differences in the cameras. The iPhone 7 has only one lens, whereas the Huawei P10 uses two Leica lenses. It allows, for example, the portrait mode, which you know from the iPhone 7 Plus. Both main cameras have a resolution of 12 megapixels. If you take black & white photos, the Huawei can even reach 20 megapixels.
iPhone 7 selfies can be taken with a 7 megapixels camera, while you can enjoy 2 more megapixels with the Chinese competitor.

In terms of everyday photography, the Huawei P10 takes the lead with the two Leica lenses. The colors are very rich and natural. Night photos and poorly exposed objects, however, will be better with the iPhone 7. The photo quality decreases massively under bad light conditions because of the f/2.2 aperture. The image noise level is too high. In the end, we would still call the Huawei P10 the winner of this category because of the powerful Leica lenses.

Battery life

The Huawei P10 has a battery size of 3200mAh, which is significantly larger than the iPhone 7 battery of 1960mAh. However, both smartphones die on normal to slightly intensive use after a day. We would have assumed much better results by the Huawei P10 with this battery capacity.


In the everyday use, apps on both smartphones start very fast. Even the camera starts without waiting time. The Huawei P10 uses a Kirin 960 chip with eight core processors that, makes this phone currently the fastest Android device on the market. The iPhone 7 still performs better in diverse CPU tests, although it has an older, but very efficient A10 fusion processor.


After comparing both smartphones, the iPhone 7 still is a slight bit ahead but has found a worthy competitor with the Huawei P10. The Chinese smartphone has added many features that have been innovations by Apple a year ago, but by now they fall behind the newest technic.

Whereas the iPhone 7 wins with a powerful processor and a high durability, the Huawei P10 scores with a great dual camera and the option of using a microSD card to extend storage. If you are not sure, which one you should buy, you should ask yourself what is more important for you. Do you need a solid everyday smartphone with a good price and easily extendable storage? Then get the Huawei P10. If you have more requirements, like water resistance and a better processor, the iPhone 7 will be your best choice.

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