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iPhone 6s vs. Huawei P9 – Which Smartphone Is Better?

If you are looking for a new smartphone, you will be spoilt for the choice. Huawei made it to one of the most popular smartphone brands over the past years. They offer an inexpensive alternative to the pricey iPhones. We compared an iPhone 6s, which was the most sold smartphone worldwide in 2016, with the Huawei P9. We will reveal what the strength and weaknesses of both devices are.

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The first impression of both smartphones is very good. They are high-quality and fit well into the hand. The design is almost identical. Both have the characteristic smartphone form with rounded edges. The Huawei P9 looks a little edgier than the iPhone 6s in a direct comparison. Another tiny difference is the display size. While the Huawei trumps with a 5.1” diagonal, the iPhone only has 4.7”. Taste is a matter of choice, that’s why both are even in the category “Design”.


The biggest difference is the main camera. Both smartphones have cameras with a 12-megapiels resolution. However, Huawei gave its P9 a dual camera with two powerful Leica lenses with an image processing algorithm. The device takes a color photo and black & white photo at the same time and combines it afterwards. This technic is definitely visible in the photos: The images seem to be more dynamic and realistic, even in bad light conditions. The dual camera also allows taking photos in portrait mode like you know it from the iPhone 7 Plus. So the point for “Best camera“ goes to the Huawei device, also because it even has a higher resolution in the selfie camera.


Differences are noticeable in the features as well. Both smartphones have a fingerprint sensor, but the iPhone 6s has some more features than this. The 3D Touch, voice assistant, Live Photos or 4K videos are available only on Apple phones. In this case, you would notice the cheaper price, because they renounced features, that have to be developed strategically, for less price. The company rather counts on proven features that Apple introduced to the market years ago.

Battery life

Apple also shows its strength in the battery life. The iPhone 6s battery with 1715 mAh is much smaller than the P9 battery with 2900mAh. However, Apple phones still last longer. While the Huawei smartphone only lasts eight hours with normal to slightly intense use, the iPhone makes it entire 24 hours. So you could definitely expect more of a large battery like the Huawei P9 has.


The performance of both smartphones is very good. Huawei used a HiSilicon 955 CPU with eight cores for its P9 to ensure a fast system. The iPhone 6s has a built-in A9 chip with M9 Motion Coprocessor that guarantees a smooth performance. Both smartphones run without jerking, apps load fast and the cameras work without waiting time.


Both smartphones are, without any doubt, high-quality devices. However, you have to sacrifice innovative features or battery life for the cheaper price of the Huawei P9. On the other hand, the Huawei smartphone scores with an outstanding great camera. So, if you are a person, that loves taking pictures, you’ll have some fun with the Huawei P9. Without the dual camera, the P9 would be just one of the many smartphones on the market.

The iPhone 6s gives you everything you would expect in a smartphone: Long battery life, good camera, and many useful features. However, you have to dig deeper into your pocket compared to the competing Chinese product. In the end, you have to decide, which expectations you have and how much you want to invest in a smartphone.