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iPhone 6s vs. Sony Xperia X – Which Smartphone Is Better?

A smartphone with a great music player, high-resolution camera, and fast processor: Sony promises all this with its Xperia X. Apple holds up with the iPhone, but wants to score with a comprehensive package. We compared the iPhone 6s with the Sony Xperia X and will let you know if the Android competitor can keep up with Apple.

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Both smartphones look alike and there isn’t even a big difference in the size. The Xperia X is only slightly larger with a screen diagonal of 5“. The iPhone 6s has a 4.7“ screen. Even the color choice is similar: Sony phones are available in Black, White, Lime Gold and Rose Gold, whereas the iPhone 6s exists in Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. The front and Lock Screen of the Xperia X have the same color as the back. The iPhone only has a colorful back side, but the front is either black or white.

The smartphones are well designed so that they fit perfectly in a hand. Both smartphones have an aluminum case, which makes them high-quality and exquisite. The display quality of both phones is very good and the user interface feels minimalistic and intuitive.

Camera features

Sony used a 23 megapixels camera for its Xperia X, whereas Apple counts on the 12 megapixels for the iPhone 6s. If you think that the Xperia has a better photo quality because of the high resolution, you are wrong. It cannot keep up with the top models. Especially when you take photos under bad light conditions, you will have more image noises than the iPhone 6s produces. The Xperia also reaches its limits in high contrasts. Videos are recorded in 4K on the iPhone 6s and in Full HD on the Xperia X.

In daylight, the Sony Xperia X makes great photos. In this case, the high resolution shows its strength. Other positive features are the fast autofocus and release. Selfie fans will have a lot of fun with the Xperia X because the light-intense 13-megapixels facial camera provides high-quality shots. The X model has a new feature that is called predictive autofocus. It calculates the track of a moving object to reduce the motion blur. However, the feature only works, if the object is very fast and close to the camera.

Sound quality

Sony always was a great choice for music fans and the Xperia X is no exception. The smartphone convinces with a great sound and comes with many extra features, such as sound improvement and a jack plug that supports headphones with digital noise suppression. Those are not part of the Xperia X package, though. The included In-ears headset offers a basic quality and doesn’t stand out. Apple goes without any audio extras with the iPhone 6s and that’s why the Sony Xperia X wins the category “Sound quality”.


If we are looking at the performance, the point will go to the iPhone 6s because of its powerful and fast A9 Chip. Sony used a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor, which guarantees a smooth user experience even for graphically challenging applications. However, it cannot keep up with Apple in a direct comparison.

One day without a socket is no problem for both smartphones. The Xperia X battery is 2620mAh strong and the iPhone 6s 1715mAh. The devices can make it seven hours with normal internet usage, even though the capacity is different. They are both above average.


The Sony Xperia X is a good and trendy smartphone, but it is only one of the many smartphones on the market. The assembly is high-quality and has great music features, but the camera is disappointing. Except for the sound, Xperia X doesn’t have leading advantages compared to the iPhone 6s.

If you are mainly looking for a smartphone that functions as a music player, the Sony Xperia X is the best choice. The better comprehensive package, however, has the iPhone 6s.