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How To Post Instagram Photos In Web Browser On PC & Mac

Up to now, you could only post photos on Instagram by using the app – until now! Instagram improved the mobile website and makes it possible to upload photos on your computer. This function aims for those users, who cannot use the app on their cell phone or don’t want to install the app. We show you how it works in this trick.

Please note that this new feature is still rolling out. So it might not be available for everyone.

Post Instagram photos without app

If you want to post photos on Instagram by using your computer, you will need to go to the mobile version of the app in Chrome.

So go to and sign in with your credentials. You should be in your feed now. Make a right click und choose Inspect.

In the browser window, you will now see a console window. Now you have to choose the Device Toolbar in the upper bar of the console. Once it is blue, you can post photos from your PC.

Instagram will now open in the mobile version and looks like the app on the smartphone. Click the Camera icon at the bottom (or top) menu bar to upload a photo.

It will open a new window on your computer so that you can select an image to upload. Once you have chosen one, you will be on a slimmed “New Post“ screen.  You can rotate the image and change the format. The popular filters are missing and you cannot make markups. So if you choose to upload your photo on a computer, you have to edit it beforehand.

Then click Next to add a caption to your post. Unlike the app, you will not get hashtag suggestions in this mobile version. Once you are done, hit Share and your photo will be uploaded to your Instagram account.

The mobile version of Instagram in the web browser can be handy if are regularly posting photos that are not taken on an iPhone. It will save you a lot of time in future because you can upload the photos directly from your PC or Mac without any detours.