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iPhone 7 Plus vs. LG G6 – Which Smartphone Is Better?

If you are thinking about smartphones, you might have the brands Apple, Samsung or Huawei in mind. In the past years, the LG devices are also getting more popular, though. In the U.S., for example, every fifth smartphone is from the Korean brand. We compared their latest flagship smartphone –  LG G6 – with the iPhone 7 Plus and reveal, if it can keep up with the Apple product.

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Both smartphones are almost the same size. The LG G6 has a display diagonal of 5.7 inches and the iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inches. According to LG, the smartphone belongs to the “new generation of smartphone design” and is supposed to stand up to Apple. The Koreans count on glossy materials, a rounded glass display, a metal frame and a seamless, extra thin body.

At the first glance, there are almost no differences between the G6 and iPhone 7 Plus. Both smartphones are high-quality, fit in the hand well and give a great first impression. The iPhone 7 Plus is available in five different colors, thus covers more preferences with these variations than the three color variants of the G6.

The camera lenses on the back side of the LG model attracted our attention in a positive way. Whereas the dual camera lenses of the iPhone 7 Plus are raised, the G6 has them integrated in a flat way.


A significant difference is the display. The LG G6 has a larger display and a smaller frame compared to the iPhone 7 Plus. The Koreans built in a QHD+ FullVision Display with a ratio of 18:9 and a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels that provides an extremely sharp image quality. The iPhone 7 Plus, on the other hand, has a Retina HD Display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and therefore has to surrender in the display comparison with the LG G6.

Audio & video playback

LG advertises the G6 with a high-quality sound, which is supported by the two AOP microphones and a Hi-Fi playback. In real, the sound is okay but not thrilling. That’s mainly because the smartphone has only one speaker at the bottom, which isn’t producing an expansive sound. This looks different for the 7 Plus: Apple equipped the iPhone 7 Plus with two speakers – one at the bottom and one behind the earpiece. They produce a spatial sound pattern and reach a higher volume than the previous iPhone models.

In playing of videos, the LG device wins with the high-resolution display. Netflix certified the G6 as the first smartphone for high-quality streaming. In future, it will be possible to watch movies on the smartphone via the streaming service Dolby Vision.


In an unmindful moment, it can happen quickly that the smartphone falls to the ground. Everyone, who had to replace a display before, knows how expensive this can get. LG offers with its G6 an all-round protection that passed many US military standard 810G tests (MIL-STD) – including the Transit-Drop-Fall & Shock Tests. The iPhone 7 Plus does not have such a protection.

Both devices are IP certified and therefore water and dust resistant. The LG has a higher protection class than the 7 Plus. The IP68 allows the G6 to dive underwater constantly, whereas the iPhone 7 Plus can only resist temporary water dives.


Both smartphones have a dual camera with wide angle and standard angle lenses. The LG produces photos with 13 megapixels and the iPhone with 12 megapixels. Unlike Apple, LG doesn’t use both cameras for the portrait effect, but to switch to a wide angle mode with one tap. Unfortunately, the photo quality suffers from that under bad light conditions. Here is the iPhone 7 Plus ahead.

LG equipped the G6 with many camera features, such as the Square Camera app. This divides the screen into two parts – the upper part is for the viewfinder and the lower part for displaying the shot/recording. There also is a Double Photo Mode that takes two photos – one with the face camera and one with the main camera.

Apple goes without such photo features. The battle of the better front camera wins the iPhone 7 Plus because it has 7 megapixels, which is two more than the G6 has.


The power for the LG G6 comes with the 3300mAh battery, which brings it through the day with normal internet usage. You also don’t have to worry, if you have to charge your phone throughout the day with the iPhone 7 Plus. It has a capacity of 2.900mAh. An advantage is the Quick Charge feature of the Android competitor. It charges the smartphone halfway within 35 min.


In terms of performance, the iPhone 7 Plus is definitely ahead of the LG. The A10 Fusion Chip with integrated M10 Motion Coprocessor makes the smartphone to one of the fastest devices on the market. Even the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with four cores cannot keep up with this.


LG did a lot of things right with the G6. Especially the sharp and large display stands out from competitor devices. In terms of sound and dual camera is still potential, though. The iPhone 7 Plus scores with a very good performance and a better sound quality. Before you buy a new smartphone, you should ask yourself what features are important for you. Then decide accordingly.

If you already decided for an iPhone 7, but you are unsure which one to take, we recommend our comparative article “iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 7 Plus Differences – Which Should I Buy?“ You will learn which features and characteristics are different and what (dis)advantages they have.

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