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How to Add Outlook Email to iPhone (MSN, Hotmail, Live)

Using a Microsoft email service in conjunction with your iPhone is rather effortless.

This is a guide on how to add Outlook email to iPhone, you can apply the same workflow to Hotmail, Live and MSN-Mail accounts. Not everyone prefers iCloud, perhaps you are also required to use a Microsoft account due to your job. Or maybe you are simply someone who uses a lot of Microsoft products and wishes to integrate his iPhone into the ms-ecosystem.

Adding an Outlook / Hotmail account to iPhone

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account >

Adding an Outlook or Hotmail account to your iPhone requires the use of your “Settings” app. Go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, then “Add Account” and finally pick “” from the list of providers to connect a Microsoft-based email account. As explained above, this works for Live and MSN accounts too. Enter your login credentials and give the account a descriptive name (this is only used so you can identify the account later on).

After adding your account, make sure to tick the appropriate sections for synchronization, such as “Contacts”, “Mail”, “Calendar” items and “Reminders. You can configure these on an individual, per-account basis.