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How to Sleep Better Using an iPhone

Plenty of alarm clock apps make the iPhone a useful little helper for the morning hours. This is an article about the best iPhone alarm clock and how to sleep better with “Sleep Better”. “Sleep Better” is the most popular sleep tracking alarm clock for the iPhone. The app does all kinds of things that are beneficial to the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Effects of bad sleep

By knowing the numbers and data around our daily lives, we can quantify issues and treat them accordingly. Your caffeine intake,stress levels and numerous other factors influence the quality of your sleep. The worse you sleep, the more groggy and tired you will feel after the same number of hours. Sleep tracking apps keep note of how much movement there is during the night, even during “Airplane Mode”. Simply plugin in your iPhone, close your eyes and enjoy the ride.

Improve sleep quality with Sleep Better

“Sleep Better” is your ideal companion for the night time, it is actively developed by the makers of “Runtastic” and available as a free download in the App Store. The app is also fully integrated with Apple Health, which allows you to integrate the results of your measurements with other health-related apps.

The smart thing about a sleep tracking alarm clock is that it will wake you up during the ideal time window. During sleep, we alternate between phases of deep and light sleep. The latter are preferable for waking someone up. When torn out of deep sleep, people tend to be grumpier, lower on energy and less productive. By optimizing your sleep using the smart alarm feature (the alarm sounds are customizable, too), you’ll wake up far more refreshed, compared to leavings things to chance.

What makes “Sleep Better” a well-rounded companion is the logging feature. You can enter daily habits such as your caffeine intake and variables such as your mood, this will lead to the occasional insight with regards to your optimum sleep quality. Note that an entirely darkened room, sufficiently cold air temperature, daily aerobic exercise and cutting out caffeine before 6 PM will probably do the most for your sleep issues.