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iPhone 7 vs. Sony Xperia XZ – Which Smartphone Is Better?

As soon as Apple releases a new flagship onto the market, it mostly doesn’t take long until Sony follows suit with a new smartphone. The Xperia XZ is the response to the iPhone 7 and is supposed to win the battle with a high-resolution camera and a faster processor. Can the Android phone really keep up with the iPhone 7 or is it even better? We compared both smartphones in terms of camera, battery, and performance and tell you our results.

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Design & Display

The first big difference is the size of the smartphones. While the iPhone 7 has a screen diagonal of 4.7 inches, the Xperia XZ measures 5.2 inches. Both smartphones fit in the hand well, but the handling reveals clear differences. The iPhone 7 can be operated with one hand, whereas people with small hands cannot reach the top of the Sony display. The display resolution is HD quality on both smartphones. The Sony Xperia offers just a little bit sharper images with a 1.920 x 1.080px resolution, whereas the iPhone 7 has 1.332 x 750px.

Both smartphones are high-quality and appear classy in their metal frame. The Xperia XZ got treated with a new method that gives it a 3D look. Sony also gets credit for the fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone. It allows unlocking the smartphone with only one move. The iPhone 7 is ahead in the color choices, because it offers five different models, whereas the Xperia XZ only offers three. Therefore, Apple meets more design preferences.


Let’s get to one of the most important features of a smartphone: The camera. Like almost all other Sony smartphones, the Xperia XZ also has a 23-megapixels camera. The new function is a laser autofocus that helps to focus on objects faster that are up to 2m away. Another new camera feature is the RGB color sensor that helps with white balance and provides a more natural coloring of the photos. Compared to the iPhone 7 that “only” has 12 megapixels, Sony still cannot catch on. The photos of the main camera are good but not top-notch. The Xperia XZ even shows weaknesses for photographing in darkness. In those conditions, the iPhone 7 provides better results.


Both devices are certified with the IP standard. The Sony Xperia XZ has the IP65 protection class and therefore is dustproof and resistant against hose water. The iPhone 7 even got the IP67 and is dustproof as well, but also water resistant for a temporary period. Both are not completely waterproof.

Battery life

Sony used a quite big battery for the Xperia XZ so that it wouldn’t die too quick. The battery capacity of 2.900mAh allows a mixed smartphone usage of nine to ten hours. The iPhone 7 battery lasts up to ten hours with a smaller capacity of 1.960mAh. Therefore both devices are equally good.


Sony built in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor beneath the Xperia XZ display. The processor is clocked for 2 GHz and supported by 3 GB. This makes it to one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. The A10 Chip with an integrated M10 Motion Coprocessor provides enough power for the iPhone 7. Both smartphones are running smoothly, don’t jerk and open apps without waiting time. There are no significant differences.


The iPhone 7 and Xperia XZ are devices from the high-end section of the smartphone market. The assembly of both is high-quality, the performance is fast and the cameras provide very good photos. However, the camera is a little disappointment for the Sony smartphone, because it doesn’t offer the results it promised.