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iPhone SE vs. LG G5 SE – Which Smartphone Is Better?

Brand-new smartphones can be described in one word: expensive. If you have a tight budget so that you cannot afford one of the current flagships by Apple & Co, you can turn to a sister model. They are almost as good as the top smartphones but cost only a fraction of them. We compared Apple’s popular starter model, the iPhone SE, with the LG G5 SE.

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The first big difference between the iPhone SE and LG G5 SE is the size. While the Apple phone has a handy 4-inches diagonal, the G5 SE brings it to 5.3 inches. So the LG smartphone is almost as big as the iPhone 7 Plus. The form also differs extremely: the iPhone SE looks more compact and edgier in comparison to the Android competitor. The edges of the LG phone are clearly rounded and the front and back are slightly curved.

The designs of both smartphones have pros and cons. Each of them is available in four different colors and offers a color tone for every taste. Users with smaller hands should get the iPhone SE because you will be able to reach every part of the display without any afford. If you like to watch videos or play games, you will need a bigger display so that you’ll have more fun with the LG.


The differences in size of the smartphones have a big impact on the display resolution. The G5 SE is equipped with a QHD display of 1440x2560px and therefore it has the same resolution as the G5 sister model. The iPhone SE, however, only has an 1136x640px display. The LG device has the IPS Technology and shows a brightness of 800 nit. It is up to 60 percent brighter than the usual displays. Another plus is the practical Always-on feature. The display shows important notifications and information in standby mode without turning it on.


The processor will be the biggest difference between the G5 SE and the G5 flagship. The LG G5 SE has the middle-class processor Snapdragon 652 with a memory of 3 GB instead of 4 GB. The iPhone SE, on the other side, has an A9 Chip, which is the same processor the iPhone 6s has. This is noticeable in the usage: the Apple phone runs smoother and faster compared to the Android competitor. Hence, the performance test wins the iPhone SE.


A benefit of the G5 SE is the exchangeable 2899mAh lithium-ion battery. The iPhone SE has a battery with 1624mAh, which is solidly built-in – typical for Apple. Despite the battery size differences, both batteries last for around 12 hours with internet usage. The Always-on feature of the LG is a little battery guzzler as it uses 30 percent for the display.


LG scores in the camera test. The smartphone has a 16-megapixels main camera and an 8-megapixels secondary camera with wide-angle lens. The dual camera can take photos with an angle of 135 degrees and therefore can capture more than the human eye. The iPhone SE, on the other hand, only is equipped with a 12-megapixels camera. In addition, the LG has got an extension module for photography fans. “Cam Plus” is supposed to make the LG a wholesome digicam. Besides an additional battery with 1200mAh, the module also has buttons that simplify the handling of the camera. Part of these buttons is a knob for the zoom and special release buttons for photos and videos.


Both smartphones are cheap alternatives to the big flagships but have strength and weaknesses. While LG saves costs for better inner workings, Apple equipped the iPhone SE with a great processor and battery. On the other hand, the G5 SE scores with a powerful camera and a high-resolution display.