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How To Archive Photos On Instagram

Instagram added a new handy archive feature with the update to version 10.22. So far you had to permanently delete photos from your profile, if they bothered you or if you didn’t want to see them on the profile anymore. We show you how you can use the feature and archive Instagram posts instead of deleting them.

Go to your “Profile” and open a photo, which you want to add to the archive. Then tap the three dots on the top right side over the photo and tap “Archive”.

The photo now disappears from your profile and goes to your archive. You can look at it by clicking the little clock icon on your profile. The content, which is shown there is only visible to you.

If you want to revive your post and bring it back to your profile, you just need to open the photo in your archive and click the three dots again. As soon as you choose “Show on profile”, the photo will be back on your feed.

The new feature is interesting especially if you want to hide certain posts for a certain time period, instead of deleting them. The option to delete posts completely is, of course, still available.

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