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Controlling iPhone Alarm With Volume Buttons & Home Button

If you like to use the iPhone Alarm to get out of the bed, you will love this little trick that we’ve got for you: It is possible to control the alarm without looking at the iPhone. It uses the Volume Buttons and Home Button. In this article, you will learn how to do it!

Control iPhone Alarm without looking at it

When the iPhone alarm goes off in the morning, you can choose from the display whether you want to stop it or to put it into snooze (this will give you 9 minutes more, but you can also deactivate this feature completely). However, you have to actually open your eyes and then you may not be able to continue sleeping or snooze. Instead, you can utilize the hardware buttons on your iPhone. You can easily do this with closed eyes or in the dark.

Activate Snooze with Volume Buttons

If you want to get 9 minutes more in bed, you have to press one of the Volume Buttons (Volume up or down). The alarm becomes silent and your iPhone alarm will go off in 9 minutes again. Then you can decide again if you want to snooze it by pressing a Volume Button or stop it (read below).

Hint: If you completely turned the Snooze feature off, you will stop the alarm by pressing a Volume Button. In case you don’t do anything for a few minutes, the alarm will become silent and goes off again later on.

Stop alarm with Home Button

If you want to stop the alarm – instead of putting it into snooze or after the snooze – you can briefly press the Home Button once. As long as you don’t leave your finger on the Touch ID sensor (since iPhone 5s) for too long, it won’t unlock your iPhone.

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