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LaMetric Time Test: The Smart Retro Clock For Home & Office

It all started with a startup project at Kickstarter in 2014 and now it is a must-have for all gadget fans. LaMetric Time is a digital pixel clock, which can more than displaying time. The small gadget will give you the real time and weather forecast, it informs you about emails, tweets or follower, as well as important messages and appointments. We tested the news ticker box for the desk.

Smart pixel clock

LaMetric Time has a compact display with a smartphone and Wi-Fi connection. It measures a size that fits on every desk or on any shelf. The gadget has the shape of a clock radio and visualizes predetermined data from the internet in LED writing. The display has a LED matrix of 29×8 white pixels for the writings and 8×8 color pixels for the icons. The brightness is regulated automatically, thanks to the environmental sensor. The mix of retro and modernity wins – not just for us, also the jury of the Red Dot Award likes the product so that LaMetric Time got honored with it in 2016.

Easy & fast installation

The installation is fast and easy. All you need is the free LaMetric app from the App Store. The clock has to be connected to Wi-Fi and is configured within a few minutes. Then you can customize the clock to your preferences and select from various display designs. You have the choice of a huge range of software modules. Part of this range is, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, news pages or various email provider. You can also create and add some new modules without the knowledge of programming skills. After the installation, the LaMetric works completely self-sufficient. A Bluetooth connection to a smartphone is unnecessary. There are three buttons on top of the clock. You can switch between the different displays with them. The battery of the device lasts for around four hours. However, you have to use electricity for permanent operation.

Practical IFTTT function

Another good function of the LaMetric Time is the web service IFTTT. It is an abbreviation for “if this then that“ and allows actions related to predetermined triggers. For example, if the number of Facebook followers changes, it will show it on the display and play a respective sound. In the area Smart Home, the pixel clock can also alert about important things within the own walls. LaMetric Time can be paired with Amazon Alexa and among other features, it allows you to set a timer without using a button of the gadget.

Average stereo speakers

As a little bonus, the designers integrated a stereo speaker. On the sides, you will find two speakers that can play music from Spotify, Apple Music, or radio channels. A seesaw button on the left side controls the volume. The sound is rather average but totally fine for the small size of the gadget. It is still great as a background sonication.


LaMetric Time scores with diverse applications and works at home as well as at the office. The intelligent pixel clock runs without problems and shows reliable data of the digital daily life without the need to check your iPhone. It makes fun to set up the clock and to explore new modules in the integrated app store.

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