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Classic Watch and Smartwatch In One Piece: Fossil Q Crewmaster Test

Smartwatches are handy and simplify everyday life – no questions asked. However, not every model scores with the design. Some people think they are too bulky, too heavy, or just unwieldy. Especially fans of analog quartz watches miss out because most smartwatches are only available with a digital display. Fossil noticed this market niche and released the first hybrid smartwatch to the market. It combines the classic analog design of a regular watch with smart connectivity. We tested the Fossil Q Crewmaster for you.

The first impression

The Crewmaster consists of a black background with white dial and duo-color rotatable bezel. The silicone band provides a good and comfortable grip around the wrist. The waterproofness of 5 ATM allows taking showers or swimming without any problems. You have three buttons on the right side to operate the Fossil Q Crewmaster. You can assign them different functions via the app. In total, the app makes an high-quality impression and the assembly is very good.

In contrast to classic smartwatches, the Crewmaster gets along with no display and saves a lot of battery this way. The watch runs with a battery that lasts for up to six months. Once it is empty, you can exchange it with an included key so that the way to the watchmaker becomes unnecessary.

Easy and fast installation

The setup of the smartwatch is easy: Installing the Fossil Q app, signing up for an account and pairing it with an iPhone. The application will guide you through the installation and sets up the Crewmaster. The watch will be connected with your iPhone via Bluetooth and stays active all the time. You can configure and customize the watch to your needs via the app.

The watch can do much more than displaying the time. It has an activity tracker that counts your stepsdistance and burned calories. It also notifies about reached fitness goals by vibration or with the hand of the clock. Same goes for iPhone notifications: The smartwatch can inform you about notifications on your iPhone (like calls or messages) with gentle vibrations.

If you don’t want to get notifications about every message or app, you can set favorites. Then the watch will only inform you about important calls or notifications.

Alarm function, display of another time zone and tracking of your sleep quality are other smart features of the Crewmaster. The lower button can, for example, take a photo with the camera app of the smartphone or control music. If you are searching your iPhone because you misplaced it, you can let it ring via the Fossil Q.

Clear app scores

Fossil definitely scores with the app. The application works intuitive and fast. The individual settings explain themselves and perform reliably. Features, like the step counter or the notifications, work without problems and the watch informs about received emails, SMS or calls reliably. In our test, we noticed no disconnections, which usually happen on other smartwatches here and then.


The Fossil Q Crewmaster is perfect for everyone who cannot live without a classic watch design, but also want to benefit from the advantages of a smartwatch such as a fitness tracker or notifications. Although the Crewmaster doesn’t have all wide-ranging features of a classic smartwatch, it scores with high-quality and great functionality.

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