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Spotify: How To Share Songs And Playlists With Friends

Who doesn’t know the following issue: You want to share a song with a friend, but what is the best way to do it on the iPhone? The music streaming service Spotify has an answer to this question. It makes it possible to recommend a song, album or playlist to a friend and share it with the person. We show you how it works!

Recommend songs with Spotify Codes

The sharing of songs is possible with so-called Spotify Codes. These codes remind of QR-Codes, which are everywhere today (on posters, products, etc.). , or they remind of the Snapcodes of the popular instant messenger Snapchat, by which you can add friends to your contact list.

Share songs

If you want to share a song, album or playlist, you have to go to the certain track, list or album. If you want to share, for example, an album, you have to tap the three dots in the top right. It will open a new display, where you see many options, as well as the Spotify Code below the album cover. Click the album cover to increase the size of the Spotify Code. You can save this code with the respective album cover to your camera roll by tapping Save to Photos. The same way you will get to the Spotify Code for a playlist.

This way you can share the photo on social media so that your friends can receive the Spotify Code this way. The alternative way is to scan the Spotify Code with the Spotify app to get to the song or playlist instantly.

If you want to share a single song, you just have to select a song or click the three dots on the right side of a track in a playlist or album. Otherwise, you click the three dots next to the name on the on-demand display of the song. Then you continue as described for the album and playlist.

Receive songs

You have two options to receive a shared song, playlist or album of a friend: You can save the Spotify Code as a screenshot and upload it to your Spotify app. Spotify will recognize the code in the screenshot and open the song, playlist or album automatically. The second option is to scan the Spotify Code with your camera and the Spotify app.

If you want to open a Spotify Code, you have to go to the search tool in the Spotify app. On the right side of the input field, you will see a camera icon. Tap it and the camera will open. Now you have the choice to select a screenshot from your camera roll or to scan a Spotify Code. For the first option, you have tap Select from Photos. For the second option, you have to put the Spotify Code in front of the camera so that the app can scan the code.

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