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How To Draw A Sketch Quickly & Easily On iPhone

Sometimes you just want to draw the outline of something, e.g. room layout of a new apartment, the final position of two accident cars or the connection of two events. There is no pre-installed app on the iPhone that you can just open for drawing something. Since iOS 9, though, the Notes app contains a sketch feature, but creating a sketch in the Notes app takes multiple steps. However, there is a trick that makes it much faster. We show you how you can make drawings (sketches) quickly and easily on your iPhone!


One prerequisite for this trick is that you have installed iOS 9 or later on your iPhone because the update to iOS 9 brought many new features to the Notes app.

On the other hand, you will need a 3D Touch capable iPhone (an iPhone 6s or later). They have the pressure-sensitive displays, which are needed for this trick.

Draw a sketch quickly

If you want to create a sketch quickly and very easily on your iPhone, you have to press the app icon for the Notes app firmly (= 3D Touch).

Below the new note, you will find three shortcuts to the important features of the Notes app: New Note, New Photo, New Sketch. Tap New Sketch.

It will open the Notes app and will instantly give you a virtual pen. Now you can use different types of pens and colors to draw your sketch. We explained this more in detail in another article. Read more…

Tap Done at the top left to save the sketch.

This is the fast way to draw a sketch on your iPhone with the iOS instruments!